Radiology and Ultrasonography

Radiology and Ultrasonography

Radiology and ultrasonography are safe, non-invasive options for looking inside your pet’s body for a variety of situations. As a non-invasive procedure your pet should not experience any pain during these processes. At times, sedation might be necessary to immobilize your pet for specific radiographical views and manipulations.

What Conditions can Imaging Help to Diagnose?

Your veterinarian may request an x-ray or ultrasound to investigate unexplained weight-loss, abnormal lab results, pregnancy, fluid in the chest or abdomen, coughing, and visualization of broken bones.

The Imaging Process

Unfortunately, due to the technical aspects of performing an ultrasound and the legal requirements of radiology, veterinarians do not allow owners to be present during the imaging process.

Your pet will lie on their side or back for the duration of the imaging process, which usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes. A veterinary technician is by your pet’s side for the whole process, providing reassurance and some much enjoyed ear stroking and attention!

How much does veterinary imagining cost?

The actual cost of treatment will vary depending on your pet’s treatment plan, but you could expect to pay between $100 and $500. Our veterinary team can provide you with an accurate estimate prior to treatment.

If your pet has been referred for an ultrasound by your veterinarian, part, or all the cost of the treatment may be met by your pet insurance. Please contact your insurer for more information.

Additional Information

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