Importance of Regular Pet Exams

Importance of Regular Pet Exams

Importance of Regular Pet Exams

Importance of Regular Pet Exams

Importance of Regular Pet Exams

Importance of Regular Pet Exams

Importance of Regular Pet Exams

Importance of Regular Pet Exams

June 17, 2021
Importance of Regular Pet Exams

Unlike humans, pets cannot describe how they feel. This means that it can be difficult to know when your furry friend is sick or needs medical attention. This problem is further compounded by the fact that animals are very good at hiding any injury or illness. In the animal kingdom, illness is equated with weakness and a weak animal is considered prey.

Hiding Disease Symptoms

Pets will instinctively try to hide symptoms of illness and will struggle to act or appear healthy. In most cases, the disease has progressed and the animal is suffering by the time you notice symptoms. 

By this stage, the pet is not able to hide the symptoms. This is why regular pet exams are very important to protecting and preserving your animal’s health. With annual examinations, your pet can enjoy a healthy life. 

Detecting Health Issues

Regular pet exams can help to detect early signs of health issues. It is important to realize that just because your pet appears healthy does not mean that he is. A physical examination can help to uncover health issues that may otherwise go undetected. 

On average, cats receive less health care and are less likely to visit the vet than dogs. Cats tend to be more independent and are better at hiding illness. Regardless, all pets need regular veterinary examinations to monitor their health and identify any issues.

A Long and Healthy Life

Regular pet exams are a great way to ensure that your pet lives longer. Animals age much faster than humans. This means that when it comes to aging, 1 pet year can be equivalent to 5 to 10 human years. 

Your pet’s health can change drastically in just 1 year, but preventative care can help you stay ahead of illness and disease. Pets should be examined annually and, as they age, the frequency should go up to every 6 months. As pets continue to grow old, they require more care.

Benefits of Annual Screenings

There are several benefits of regular pet exams or routine screenings. Gradual weight gain can often be overlooked. As a pet owner, it is essential to learn about issues of weight gain and its effect on your pet. The vet will offer diet and nutritional information to ensure that your pet stays healthy. 

Other exam benefits include early disease detection, screening for heartworm disease, and identifying behavioral issues. You can learn tips about training and find out how to improve your pet’s quality of life.

Physical Inspection

During the routine exam, the vet will check the pet’s health and carry out a complete physical inspection. The physical examination will include eyes, ears, limbs, skin, and every part of the body. A dental examination can detect any issues that can cause health complications.

Veterinarians recommend regular exams or checkups for pets. This is the best way to ensure that pets are on track for a healthy and long life. When problems are detected in the early stages, they are more likely to be treated successfully.


To learn more about the importance of regular pet exams, contact West Rome Animal Clinic in Rome, GA at 706-426-0200 to schedule an appointment today!

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