Importance of Pet Dental Care

Importance of Pet Dental Care

Importance of Pet Dental Care

Importance of Pet Dental Care

Importance of Pet Dental Care

Importance of Pet Dental Care

Importance of Pet Dental Care

Importance of Pet Dental Care

March 31, 2021
Importance of Pet Dental Care

Ever missed brushing your teeth for a couple of days? How was the annoying layer of plaque on the surface of your teeth? How about the unpleasant taste and breath? You probably vowed never to miss brushing again. Now, imagine going about in this state all your life. You would probably have multiple dental health issues.


This is the condition in which many of the pets live. This would explain why dental diseases are common. By the time dogs get to 3 years, 80 percent of them have had a dental infection. The same is true for 70 percent of cats below three years of age. But you can turn around the situation with regular dental care.


Here are the benefits to expect if your pets have regular dental care.


No Bad Breath

Most people assume that pets have natural lousy breath, but this is not true. Although the pet’s breath may not be minty fresh, it should not make you want to gag. Bad breath is caused by bacteria build-up. Cleaning the pet’s teeth regularly and following it up with a routine professional dental cleaning can help keep away the odor.


Prevents Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is caused by the build-up and calcification of plaque on your pet’s teeth. Calcified plaque is called tartar. It causes gum infection and inflammation. It also makes the gums start receding from the teeth, creating pockets that expose the gums and teeth to bacteria. Bacterial infections cause gingivitis, which advances to gum disease or periodontal disease. But proper dental care prevents plaque build-up.


Prevents Pain

An oral infection undoubtedly causes your pet lots of pain. A toothache is as painful to a dog as it is to you. But with proper oral hygiene, you can prevent your pet’s pain. Otherwise, your dog remains dull and refuses to eat anything, which can be very sad for you too.


Some signs that your dog is unwell or in pain are bad breath, broken or loose teeth, and drooling. His or her gums may also bleed. Be on the lookout for any of these signs of pain and seek veterinary dental care if you notice any.


Pets Are Good at Masking Their Pain

When your pet has dental pain, you may not notice it until the problem advances. The reason is that pets are masters at masking their pain. They learned this trait during evolution to avoid showing weakness in the face of an enemy. You wouldn’t want your pet to walk around feeling pain. Regular dental checkups, including dental radiology, help check and ensure that your pet has a healthy mouth. If there is an issue, the vet catches it early and treats it.


Prevents Loss of Teeth

With time, supporting structures of your pet’s teeth may weaken from disease or damage. This causes teeth to become loose and even fall out. By ensuring that your pet has regular dental care, you help take out disease-causing pathogens. The vet may also fix chipped, cracked, or broken teeth to avoid further damage.


As mentioned above, there are many benefits of ensuring that your pets get proper dental care. For professional veterinary dental services, visit West Rome Animal Clinic in Rome, Georgia.


To learn more about pet dental care services, contact West Rome Animal Clinic in Rome, Georgia at (706) 426-0200 to request an appointment.

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